Houston TX Landscaping Testimonials

Love what you do and take pride in your customers and it will show

Testimonials from Texans

Happy Customers are the backbone of any Great Company! 

I am very happy to share with you just a few comments on the type of company we are.

"It's not about what the owner says that gives weight, but how the Customers feel about the entire experience."

Sean arrived promptly and gave me a good estimate. He was very knowledgeable about the plants and trees, etc. in our yard. He knows so much about the area and what plants work and don't work. He kept me informed of environmentally friendly mulch choices, pavers, walkway, etc. He was very helpful in our lawn restoration. My neighbors all love the transformation and several have asked for his advice on their own yards. We will definitely use him again.Christine F.

Landscape and Fence Installation Testimonials 

Sean added fencing to existing fence and increased fence-length for more privacy. Company was very prompt to come out and do an estimate. Service was provided 2 days later. They did the job in a very timely manner (same day). He had a lot of ideas and solutions and was careful to stay within my budget. Even though there were obstacles such as underground power and gas lines and uneven ground, everything turned out great. He is very knowledgeable on all types of 
home repair and improvementSuzanne B

Drainage, Landscape Lighting Houston TX

Sean put up some fencing, layed pavers. Made some very good 
recommendations about decking which we will most likely do. He replaced some broken drainage in our cabana. His is going to help us with our kitchen remodeling. He did some repairs in both bathrooms. He built an awning over our cabana that looks nice. He put lights on my decks and some lighting on the trees throughout the yard. He replace my back door with a custom door frame and painted them both. He repaired some siding outside. Took a couple of trees down. He is currently looking into installing a water purification system for us. Sean is creatively amazing!

Fence Restoration, Houston TX

Member Comments:We've had Sean and his crew out to the house several times. Super reliable, very good work. Nice guy....cares very much about the quality he and his crew provides.Trust worthy as we left him and his crew at the house alone. He provides all kind of details needed and we would recommend him to do just about anything. We will continue to use Sean for things needing to be done. Lynn S.

Sean installed a metal fence, power washed our existing wood fence, repaired our sprinkler system, landscaped our yard and spruced things up. Sean was great to work with. Professional and responsive. I highly recommend him and will definitely use him again in the future. Rachel G.

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