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At Summerlin Landscaping we listen to your needs and address them with great care.

Many individuals looking for a landscaper in Houston TX, don't really know what to look for in a landscape designer in Houston.

A few good questions to ask to any designer or work landscapers are:
Are you insured?
Can you provide me with local references?
Do you know what type of plants are best suited in my Houston landscape?

How does Houston Decks and Pergolas stand apart from the crowd when it comes to Deck installation? When we take the time to build a custom wood deck or a composite deck installation in Houston we are very detailed in the areas where you might not even see below the deck. Needless to say, many deck contractors in Houston make the mistake of thinking that if you attach the inner joist to the home itself this gives much of the support needed for the framing.

This is definitely not true of a solid built custom deck. I guess there are plenty of deck contractors that want to throw up a cheap deck.The first couple of years the deck looks good, then after that things start to go downhill on the Houston deck. Yes, other means of support is needed for the custom deck.

This is where the depth and spacing of the composite deck installation footings comes into play. Composite Decks must have more support than a Traditional Wood Deck.

As a qualified landscaper in Houston TX, we want you to feel comfortable with the experience and of course feel like you got alot of bang for your buck.

Summerlin Landscaping has been developing strong business relationships within Houston for over 10 Years!

Our Spring, The Woodlands, and Conroe Customers have been so crucial to our growth and we appreciate it.

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