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The above example is a corrugated drainage pipe otherwise known as a French Drain System. French Drain systems are Great if you have no trees in your Houston Landscape.

If you have trees in your Houston Landscape you should not install a French Drain System.


Because in the Corrugated Pipe their are perforations that allow water to flow in gradually.

These Perforations in the Houston Drain Line will give access to feeder roots and within a few years this drain line will be stopped up with Roots.

Another negative of French Drains is that they are difficult to maintain if they get clogged.

Most of us have used a flexible metal snake to get a clog out of a septic or grey water line. That flexible snake works only on a smooth surface such as PVC.

I want install a system for you that will be low maintenance! So I will definitely provide you with all the options!

The above product is a solid pvc pipe. For most Houston Landscapes and Drainage issues this is the best product. First of all your trees roots cannot penetrate the pvc so no worries of feeder roots from your trees. Secondly we install various cleanouts on your drain line so you can maintain this system..

For most Houston Drainage Problems a 4" Line is sufficient. Their are some jobs that have extreme problems that might require a 6" Line. When I come out to inspect your Drain Problem I will make the best recommendation!

The above picture is called a Pop Up emitter. Depending on your drainage problem this is a good cost effective solution to provide  a way for the water to exit your drain system.

As with any effective drain system occasionally inspecting the line is recommended.

Especially if you are getting work done around your home or have alot of trees!

Dry Creek Beds used for functionality and or just Aesthetics!

The Key to a Dry creek bed is to make it integrate into the Landscape. Just as a dry creek bed in nature will have various sizes of rocks and stone, we want to duplicate that.

About Half of the dry creek beds we install at Houston Landscaping Design actually do have drainage pipe below them. But if the surface where we are putting the dry creek bed already has enough drop a drain line may not be needed.

When I come to take a look at your property I will be able to make some good recommendations for you on what will work and not!

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