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Building Customized Flower Beds in Houston, TX

How to Build Solid Flower Beds in Houston

Considering building solid flower beds to add value to your home? Once again, back to one of my favorite quotes...

It's what you can't see that counts. When landscaping your home, you will probably find that like most Houston landscapes, your soil conditions are probably not ideal.

Most Houston landscapes have either sandy,rocky or clay soil. It is a good base to work with when landscaping, but more is needed for your Houston plants to last a long time.

Even when I draw a landscape design, much consideration is taken into thought.

For example, what type of soil additives will I install? How high will the flower bed be in my Houston landscape?

How will I address drainage? How will I make sure that I build the beds in a way that don't encourage termites in the long run?

What is the best mulch to use in landscaping my Houston home?

Most Houston landscapers only enrich the beds on a small scale. Look for a Landscaper that knows what to install and also what plant material will be installed into the landscaping.

If you look closely at the flower bed above, you will notice some interesting details. This Houston Landscape Customer just needed a few small things added to improve her Houston Landscape. Above is an example of a double ring mulching method. With the heat we have in Houston, it is extremely important to conserve moisture. At times as you know we have to deal with Water restrictions. The double ring mulching method also encourages the root of the plant to extend pass the drip line. Just a small detail, but that tree will survive harsh conditions when most would have died.

Landscaping Design Ideas on How to Build a Raised Flower Bed

Some of the top additives when landscaping is humus and peat. Both of these build the organic content of the bed and help with drainage.

Another item to consider when installing the landscaping is the PH of the flower bed. For example, adding shredded tree leaves is great, but they add a lot of acidity to the soil.

Some examples of acid loving plants here in Houston, TX are azaleas and hydrangeas.

One of my favorite plants to use when landscaping in Houston are Gardenias. The only problem when landscaping with Gardenias is that they are picky about the soil conditions and the amount of sun they are getting.

 Build Solid Flower Beds to promote healthy plant growth!

This brings us back to the point that with most landscapers they are not thinking long term, how the landscape will look. Most landscapes in my opinion are a plant soup.

But, back to Gardenias. You can use cotton bur compost, this is Great for Gardenias. Make sure that they only receive about 4 hours or less of sun.

Landscaping Design Houston, TX recommends building the flower beds at least 4" to 6" high. Of course another aspect is irrigation in your Houston landscape.

Unless you plan on watering by hand, take the time and the money to have a pro-Irrigation system installed.

Back to the flower beds. When landscaping try to use some sort of gravel or stone to separate your Houston home from the landscape. This is good for so many reasons for landscaping in Houston, TX.

Mulch and Quality Planting Mix to Build Solid Flower Beds

Most of your Houston landscapers use black dyed mulch.

But at Landscaping Design Houston TX we recommend using either Cypress or Cedar Mulch... Why?

When landscaping with these mulches it actually builds the organic content of the flower beds.

When landscaping with dyed mulch in your Houston landscape, it is very hard for the dyed mulch to break down.

What is a good indicator to know if your flower beds are healthy?

One of the best ways to know that your Houston landscape flower bed is healthy is to look for earthworms.

A healthy landscape soil is full of earthworms. I mean lots of earthworms...If you see Earthworms this means your job will be a little easier on building solid flower beds and in creating solid flower beds.

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