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Soil Prep- Build the Foundation Right for your Humble TX Landscape

Take a look to any humble landscape if you live by Humble, TX and observe the present landscaping work as you drive around many new homes, you see what I call the contractor special here in Humble.

Usually it is non imaginative and is just for the purpose of saying, OK, here is some greenery.

And as the months pass for most landscapes you see that the plants usually do not flourish. Why? Lack of adequate soil preparation.

For good results in Humble landscaping, the long term success of any plant depends on the type of soil the plant is growing in.

When looking to landscape your Humble Landscape, it is wise to first consider building the soil where your plants can have optimum success.

First of all you want your soil to be able to hold water and nutrients. To achieve a maximum amount of retention both humus and organic materials need to be added to the soil.

Such additions could include peat moss, compost, various barks, leaf mold, animal manures and in some situations adding specific types of sands in very wet climates.